10 Best Cubicle Decor Ideas in 2020

Chic Office Cubicle Décor – Most of us have no aspiration to build a “mega desk,” but we are always looking to make our workspace a little prettier than your average cubicle (which – let’s face it – may not be uplifting).

Don’t be afraid, cubicle workers, these simple craft and decorating ideas are non-permanent ways to create a space where you work alone, plus they are easily adjusted to suit your taste (and some of them help to organize yourself). Don’t feel guilty if you can’t let your table live – there are many ways to decorate your room. From organizational tools to developing designs, here are the most chic booth decor ideas to personalize your mini office!

Choose a color scheme…and go nuts


Your office cubicle may be est-neutral from neutral, which is as boring as if left unchecked but as perfect as possible if you want to incorporate your own decorating color scheme into your cubicle. Which of course you do. White, yellow and gray add a cohesive and personalityful vibe to this completely different cookie cutter booth.

DIY Acrylic Tray


You can reduce clutter and stay organized in the workspace with this DIY acrylic tray. This is the perfect place to store cellphones, pencils, coffee cups, and almost everything else that can be stored here.

Hang framed art


When you spend more time in your workspace than at home, you will need some beautiful things that inspire to be stared at all day. Choose a variety of contemporary and simple frame sizes, and fill it with the artwork that you like. This not only hides the unsightly connecting lines of many rooms, but also gives you a visual solution when you need it most.

Incorporate colorful accessories


To maintain your enthusiasm and energy levels throughout the day, one or two colorful accessories can be the boost you need in your room. Take this cobalt blue pen case, for example. This is a simple modern work and only requires a little desk space but provides a more attractive jolt of decoration … especially when paired with a red task light and natural bamboo sticks.

Personalize Your Clipboard


Attaching your photos and memorabilia to a personalized clipboard is a very interesting way to show off your photos rather than in a picture frame.

Use everyday items as decoration


This idea combines form and function very beautifully. Why waste a valuable cubicle drawer space on an object that looks inviting as “cubicle art”? Adjust the marker and hang it from the wall, right next to the tape and scissors. Not only does this type of decoration tend to encourage creativity, but it also makes everyday items more accessible. (Now, if only Bob in the next room will stop stealing your sharpness.)

Bring in a chair with personality


If there are colors that only bring you excitement, or sports, or a theme like that that really takes you to a happy place, find a chair that resembles that color or theme and bring it to your workspace! Your cubicle will be changed immediately, especially since office chairs are visual items that are bigger than almost anything else.

Add a lamp


It’s no surprise that the lights are quite high in the electric light atmosphere in your workspace. Just because your cubicle might be under fluorescent doesn’t mean you have to do it too. Even when the office overhead lights are on, you can turn on your cubicle lights and feel an immediate change to very warm lumens.

Designate a shelf for décor


If you have space, it wouldn’t hurt to forget about the big binders and reference books for softer, softer shelves. Paper, rattan, or hook balls, for example, add a refreshing curve to a very angular space.

Photo Wallpaper


This idea works better if you have free space between the shelves that you want to brighten. You can print your favorite picture grid as a poster, or crop the photo and hang it next to each other (which is easy if you use Instagram photos, because they are all the same size!)